Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyone interested or curious about ‘meditation’, ‘consciousness’, ‘wellness’, ‘personal development’, ‘enlightenment’, and those seeking to find life’s purpose. Meditation generally helps to achieve healthy body, and harmonious life.

It involves simple, time-honored techniques of meditation helping one experience life as pure blissful ‘consciousness’ and follows on towards a journey of self-discovery. The easy lessons are perfect for beginners as well as advanced practitioners of meditation.

Generally the practitioner attains a harmonious with deeper introspective mind and often report experiencing expanded consciousness, making them more humble, grateful, emphatic, and calmer as opposed to responding impulsively in life. Deeper seekers / explorers of life can continue their search in a more meaningful and prepared way to their self-discovery through journeying within.

There are no religious strings attached. The sessions are designed to help practitioners experience pure consciousness. Even if they may initially fail to grasp the notion of this through logical reasoning, it continues to provide a very blissful experience. no special-clothing / prep is required.

Each life is unique, with unique circumstances and responsibilities. No
one template will fit everyone else just as no one shirt fits everyone
properly. The techniques and exercises in this guide should be executed chronologically
with an Intention of ‘seeking purpose of life’. Every other benefit of
meditation shall come as a byproduct of this seeking. The strategies, tools,
techniques for meditation / introspection / contemplation for self- development
are only but means to an end, the end being realizing your ‘self’ and knowing
‘your purpose’. Spiritual seekers and Masters throughout time have continuously
confirmed that the journey to self-discovery is within, and so this guide is
there to help you take off on that journey if you are willing. After you have
attained meditation and journeyed deeper enough, your way could be evolved
uniquely. But, you’re free to use these way indefinitely.