About Simple Way Meditation

Simple Meditation is a way of meditation to attain inner peace, self-realization, and reach the state of ‘enlightenment’ and liberation of human consciousness.

This Simple Meditation Guide aims to provide a historical context of meditation, some of the popular methods, and finally prescribe some very successful formula to achieve meditation in life, to aim to attain meditative state of mind, and use this technology of ‘exploring the unconscious mind’ as a tool to improve life and find our true ‘selves’.

Modern psychology commonly asserts ‘one cannot enter the unconscious remaining fully aware’. But it has been confirmed through scientific experiments that it is but a common phenomenon by meditators. The conscious mind can actively explore the unconscious and also create life-augmenting changes through meditative practices.Meditative methods, techniques or devices allow to explore the unconscious mind to facilitate experiencing of ‘pure consciousness’ without attaching to the limitations of the human body – which leads to reaching higher states of consciousness which sages, mystics, rishis, yogis and enlightened ones call ‘enlightenment’. The human identity of the self is based on the conscious experiences which the mind retains memory of to weave together an understanding through its conceptual and abstract frameworks.

The first stage of ‘Meditation’ is to attain the state of simply ‘being’, of just pure experiencing only consciousness, with no interference from the body or mind. Thoughts can arise and disappear, and settle, as the mud settles and water clears. Initially, in this state where the brain experiences nothingness, by ridding thoughts yet remaining aware gradually self-inquiry takes place, reckoning and realization dawns upon the mind, towards achieving enlightenment.

The Meditative state allows the aware/conscious mind to experience the inner reality within and access potentials of the unconscious. This ability opens up a whole new world of self-discovery and self-empowerment;  Meditation, thus, is a ‘Way’ to access the inner-faculties of the unconscious mind, to access its wealth or reprogram to positively impact the conscious mind.